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Icon: Resin Infiltration of White-Spot Lesions at Newburyport Pediatric Dentistry

ICON: Resin infiltration of white spot lesions

Orthodontics is great for making teeth straight for a beautiful smile. But sometimes after the braces and brackets are removed, white spots remain.

Resin Infiltration is a minimally invasive restorative treatment for white spot lesions. White spot lesions can be from poor oral hygiene and associated bacteria, acid and plaque around orthodontic brackets. White spot lesions are associated with subsurface enamel porosities but the lesions look white because there is scattering of light at the subsurface of the demineralized enamel. White spot lesions can also be caused by trauma or infection of primary teeth. 

How Can We Treat White Spots?

Without ICON, there are two ways to treat white spots – the first method is to “wait and see” – that is – to closely monitor the white spot to see if it becomes a cavity. And if it does become carious, we fill the tooth traditionally. The other way to treat a white spot is to go ahead and drill away the white spot and restore the tooth with a filling.

What Changes with ICON?

ICON is a revolutionary treatment because it provides us with an option that is more proactive than monitoring the tooth, yet not nearly as invasive as drilling. Of course, a white spot can turn into a cavity that eventually needs to be filled, but our goal is to minimize the amount of drilling that is done to your child’s teeth.

How Does ICON Work?

ICON is a one-visit procedure where we place a specialized gel-type resin on the area in question. No anesthesia is required and no drilling is performed. The resin is designed to penetrate into the area of the white spot, and help to prevent cavities from forming. Thus with ICON, we have a middle ground between observing a potential cavity and filling the tooth.

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