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Nitrous Oxide at Newburyport Pediatric Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

One of the most important considerations we have as pediatric dentists is making sure that we care for our patients’ teeth, as well as their anxieties and fears. It’s very common for children to have a fear of the dentist – especially during treatment. One of the treatment modalities that we use for children is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Children?

Yes. Nitrous oxide is absolutely safe for use in children. All of our staff members are professionally trained in the proper use of nitrous oxide as well in the management of patients who are being treated with it.

Does my Child Need an Empty Stomach for Nitrous Oxide? Are There Lasting Effects?

No. Two of the best properties of nitrous oxide are that is starts to work very quickly, and it also wears off very quickly. We actually start to turn off the nitrous oxide once your child is relaxed and as we start to complete your child’s treatment. Most children are ready to go home shortly after their appointment is completed.

In addition, unlike other forms of sedation such as IV sedation, treatment with nitrous oxide does not require that your child have an empty stomach.

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