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Growth and Development Evaluations at Newburyport Pediatric Dentistry

Growth & Development Evaluations

During the course of your child’s routine oral examinations, we check for a variety of conditions other than “just the gums and the teeth.” When we evaluate your child’s mouth we are also looking to make sure that the tissues around the mouth, including the tongue and the tonsils are healthy and free of lesions, and we evaluate your child for reflux. One of the other factors we evaluate during your child’s dental examination is their growth and development.

Evaluation of the Jaws and the Teeth

Though it might not initially seem to be critical, examining how the teeth bite together is just as important as examining the teeth for potential cavities. Through this process we track how your child’s jaw is growing and if the teeth are growing into the proper positions. One of the reasons this approach is necessary is because if your child is to require orthodontic treatment, early-intervention can help to correct problems earlier, faster, and to reduce treatment time.

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