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Aesthetic Anterior Crowns at Newburyport Pediatric Dentistry

Aesthetic Anterior Crowns

Front-Fillings and Crowns in Pediatric Patients

When a child has a cavity in a front tooth we usually place a tooth-colored filling. If, however, a child has a cavity in a front tooth and needs a baby-root canal, we need another option. Traditionally when a primary tooth (baby tooth) needs a root canal, we restore the tooth with a stainless-steel crown. In the front, however, we do not use stainless steel, as we want your child to be able to smile for pictures!

Crowns in the Front in Children

Instead, we use a strip crown – essentially an esthetic crown in the front that’s specifically designed for baby teeth. Note however, that anterior esthetic crowns in children are done in the same appointment, and do not require multiple appointments as does an adult crown.

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